My 10 years on facebook.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

I have been on Facebook for about ten years now.

Initially, Facebook was new, shiny and super exciting. I was at university and had tones of time to waste it was fun to connect with friends with other means besides MSN and yahoo chat.  I loved the Eyesores- ugly cute creatures you can paste on your friends's wall.

People's Facebook pages grew with them. At university, Facebook was about parties and drunken 21st birthdays. Then came graduation. First job. Better job. Holidays. Better holidays. Weddings. And more expensive weddings. First kids, and a deluge of pictures of first kids. Stupid videos, useless links, and online storm-in-a-teacups.

Somewhere in the landslide of information overshared is the relevant information that I need to know. It's nice to know the girl who sat next to me in the lab has just welcomed twins. It's nice to know my childhood best friend is travelling in India and Nepal working for a wonderful NGO. Anything else, such as how wealthy my friends are trying to appear, annoys me greatly. It feels as though people are living out the fantasy lives on Facebook.

That's why I now rarely read my Facebook feed.

The handful of times I am on Facebook to access information in the closed professional groups I am in, it's more like accessing a drive-through, I am on, I access the information I need, then I am off. I don't linger on Facebook.  I no longer feel like Facebook is wasting my precious mental space with mostly junk information.

I now connect to people in real life, individually. I sms. I ring people. I share photos of my son with people I care about via sms. It feels more satisfying to connect with people this way.

And for now, I'd say I am extremely happy with my limited use of social media.

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Refining my uniform

Monday, 24 April 2017

I am more confident wearing pants than wearing dresses/ skirts.

After much fine tuning, downsizing and culling of my wardrobe, I have refined my casual uniform look- it's sorta like this-

Except all my shoes and bags are black/ grey, and I don't have a trench coat. But you get the idea.

My shoes are black and my bottoms are denim/ black. My cardigans and sweaters are grey or neutral light colours. My tops are light in colours and may have some prints. The idea is any top will go with any pants and any sweaters.  

I don't have any scarves, and accessorise very little.

For the cooler climate of Melbourne, this look works well for 80% of the year (except for the hot summer months).

White bench, red door.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

I love this clean, open and calm little entry way.

Image via TheMinimalists.


Sunday, 16 April 2017

Total debt (home + business) = -X

Home loan paid: 30% yayyyyyy

Business loan paid: 11 %

Total debt paid: 21%X yayyyy


So overall, it's good I think, the networth is in the positives. Before adding up all the figures, I thought it was in the negatives.

It's kinda a relief, but not quite. We owe so much, we are not out of the woods yet.

Read the Barefoot investor article. I was online shoes shopping and it stopped me dead in my tracks.

End of quarter thoughts.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

March ended and it’s time to do the Quarter 3 Business activity statement. Pay the Australian Tax Office. Pay quarterly taxes (thank you taxes for staying in my Mortgage Offset account for the past three months! Sad to see you go). Tidy up your bookkeeping. Etc, etc, etc…

It’s also time to do Pay Superannuation (Super or Retirement account)

I used to look at  Super differently, I saw it as money locked away until you are the ripe old age of 65. God forbid if you die young, it will all be money you never get to enjoy. I was never enthused at paying super.

But overtime, paying Super took on a whole new different meaning.

I saw my super grow

I am with a not-for-profit fund, and the rate of return has been great (which is not usually the case with Bank owned super funds)

Super money is kinda safe

Then I read the Barefoot investor book. In a proper regulated fund, your Super is safe if your business endeavours failed and you went bankrupt. As I am a small business owner, the last thing I want is to go bankrupt, however it’s comforting to know that creditors can’t touch my super if that’s the case.

I can pay myself whatever amount of super I want, as little or as much as possible.

The cap for concessional contribution is $30,000 this financial year (FY), for the last time. Next year, It will be be $25,000.

Super is a great way to minimise tax.

Contributing to super has tax savings benefits.

Taxed at 15% only for contributions under $30,000 this FY. 15% is a much lower rate than personal taxes.  More money in your (future) pocket.

Little miss Spend It.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Having a toddler exposes me to children's literature, and I adore the Mr Men and Little miss series. It's funny and uncanny how some characters remind me of people in my real life.

Which brings me to... Facebook. I don't know what everyone's facebook friends are like. Mine? It's the Pretend to be wealthy Game (or maybe they ARE really wealthy, at the age of late 20s early 30s)?

This week miss A. bought a Porsche Cayenne. I ran into her in real life driving a BMW and sporting a Prada handbag at a trade show a few years back. Miss A travels extensively- the lavish way- having been to more than 20 countries the past couple of years.

Miss B. posted pictures of her posing with some girlfriends and their new Chanel Boy bags. They were getting Jardan designer (*cough 8 grand couch cough*) furniture. Miss B. has also fascinated me with her facebook posts. I mean, I don't want to be like her and having the same stuff as her or anything but she reminds me of Little miss Splendid.

The way miss B. struts around in the Louboutin heels and designer dress and designer hat for the Melbourne cup- she looks just like a real life Little miss Splendid. Or miss Spend It.

At first, this sort of display of wealth made me panic. As I am in the same industry as her, I thought I was not making as much money as my colleagues.
But after some reflection, I came to the conclusion that people who are really wealthy either A. they don't spend lavishly (hello The Millionaire next Door) or B. it's so normal to them to spend big that they don't have to document they high end goods purchases on social media.

B. also lives in a fancy house in inner city Camberwell with a price tag of over 1.5million dollars. May be she is not Postcode Povvo. Maybe she is well and truly wealthy. Who knows. It's none of my business. I just need to get off Facebook.

2016 Everyday expenses

Friday, 24 March 2017

Holy moly we need to reduce our everyday expenses.

2016 was an expensive year. We needed to spend money on home repairs and home furnishing, and those costs are fortunately not recurring.

The holidays were, of course, optional. We had a one overseas holiday, and one holiday in Australia, both involved flying. I told myself they were expensive but good. In reality, they are worth more than 10 weeks of Life energy, a Your money or Your life concept- in hindsight, I'd spend less on this Holiday category.

Goal for this year- KEEP EVERYDAY EXPENSES UNDER $40,000.

The good news is- we furnished the house modestly, with mostly IKEA goods, no Jardan 8-grand couch. I do admit the couch looks lovely though.