How I shop for my petite frame

Sunday, 30 July 2017

I am petite. I dress to feel good. I also dress for comfort. These are the things that work for me.

The staples:

Year round
  • Skinny jeans
  • T-shirts, neutral colours only.
  • Pull overs.

  • Dress OR skirt/ short+ a blouse. I only wear prints in summer.
  • Loose fit jeans

What I dislike
Fiddly to handle materials eg. silk, wool, white clothes, dry-clean only- things that require special cleaning/ handling.

Materials that feel heavy eg. leather jacket, knits.

Tops/ dresses with special shoulder straps that require me to buy an new bra.

Tops with shoulders/ chest bits that require constant adjusting.

Baggy pants eg. tracksuit pants, wide leg pants

Baggy  dresses (without a defining waist)/ maxi dresses, for two reasons 1/ I need to hem them or I will trip over and die and 2/ They look like a potato sack on me.

For the love of skinny jeans

I am a petite person, and skinny jeans are the staple of my wardrobe.  Some skinny jeans loves of late:


Lee jeans- High licks. Cost: About $160 High rise, super comfortable, super flattering.  I had to hem these.

Nobody denim- Cult skinny ankle. Cost: About $220. High rise, super comfortable, very flattering (a tad less than the Lee jeans). This brand I will consider a lot more in the future, as the jeans are made in Melbourne, in non-sweatshops conditions. I didn't have to hem these.


Rolla's - Westcoast ankle. Cost: About $160 (I can't remember). High rise. These jeans are not super stretchy, they were tight and stiff in the beginning. After 2 years of wear, they are now perfect, and the colour is still beautiful. I didn't have to take these up.  Bonus.

Uniqlo- Ultra stretch jeans. Cost: About $60. Mid rise. The colour has faded over a year and a half. Very stretchy and comfortable. The jeans look flattering. I've gone back and purchased two black pairs however even though the legs and hips were comfortable, in back of the black jeans, the rise was lower than the blue pair, and the black jeans feft uncomfortable in this area. I had to give these two pairs away. Uniqlo provides free in-store hemming, which is wonderful for someone like me who is always in need of shortening pants.

July debt update

Friday, 21 July 2017

Start debt 805k (mortgage+ business debt). Current debt 619k.

Progress: -15k in principle in three months

I am glad we are making a steady progress towards debt payment. Still a long way to go.

The joy of lounging

Monday, 26 June 2017

Lately, I've been preoccupied.

Ok I massively understated that.  I've been under an enormous amount of work related stress, mostly to do with staff. The end of the financial year also brings with it the must-dos, deadlines, monetary and bookkeeping woes.

One day, I will write a blog post about the women at my work. It's mind-baffling when it's the women bringing the women down. It's sad when people grow older without becoming wiser. It's tragic when someone always adopt the victim mentality.

When my mind is quiescent, when the worries stop and the letting go happens, I breathe deep.  I release the tense shoulders and neck muscles. I read novels while letting the bookkeeping pile (one may call this putting head under sand but it's truly useful at times). I lounge around in my dressing gown drinking matcha tea and enjoy my son deeply; my hands trace the contours of his round rosy cheeks while my arms gently wrap him in a light squeeze. Gratitude trickles into my heart and life suddenly becomes very bearable.

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My 10 years on facebook.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

I have been on Facebook for about ten years now.

Initially, Facebook was new, shiny and super exciting. I was at university and had tones of time to waste it was fun to connect with friends with other means besides MSN and yahoo chat.  I loved the Eyesores- ugly cute creatures you can paste on your friends's wall.

People's Facebook pages grew with them. At university, Facebook was about parties and drunken 21st birthdays. Then came graduation. First job. Better job. Holidays. Better holidays. Weddings. And more expensive weddings. First kids, and a deluge of pictures of first kids. Stupid videos, useless links, and online storm-in-a-teacups.

Somewhere in the landslide of information overshared is the relevant information that I need to know. It's nice to know the girl who sat next to me in the lab has just welcomed twins. It's nice to know my childhood best friend is travelling in India and Nepal working for a wonderful NGO. Anything else, such as how wealthy my friends are trying to appear, annoys me greatly. It feels as though people are living out the fantasy lives on Facebook.

That's why I now rarely read my Facebook feed.

The handful of times I am on Facebook to access information in the closed professional groups I am in, it's more like accessing a drive-through, I am on, I access the information I need, then I am off. I don't linger on Facebook.  I no longer feel like Facebook is wasting my precious mental space with mostly junk information.

I now connect to people in real life, individually. I sms. I ring people. I share photos of my son with people I care about via sms. It feels more satisfying to connect with people this way.

And for now, I'd say I am extremely happy with my limited use of social media.

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Refining my uniform

Monday, 24 April 2017

I am more confident wearing pants than wearing dresses/ skirts.

After much fine tuning, downsizing and culling of my wardrobe, I have refined my casual uniform look- it's sorta like this-

Except all my shoes and bags are black/ grey, and I don't have a trench coat. But you get the idea.

My shoes are black and my bottoms are denim/ black. My cardigans and sweaters are grey or neutral light colours. My tops are light in colours and may have some prints. The idea is any top will go with any pants and any sweaters.  

I don't have any scarves, and accessorise very little.

For the cooler climate of Melbourne, this look works well for 80% of the year (except for the hot summer months).

White bench, red door.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

I love this clean, open and calm little entry way.

Image via TheMinimalists.